About Us

eSwimElite.com is a company owned by former USA Swimmers that caters to ALL swimmers, lifeguards and EMS professionals, worldwide. When you purchase from us, a portion of the proceeds will go toward programs designed to give back to the swimming world and its swimmers. For example, programs like providing relief funds for swimmers in emergencies and to those in need. As well as holding online business classes for post-competitive swimmers to learn to new skills. When you buy something from eSwimElite, you're not just getting the best products shipped fast that are easy to order, you are investing in the future of the very people who love this sport as much as you do!

Eswim also works with eMarketIntel, LLC. eMarket owns proprietary rights to several software companies including eswimelite. eMarket has most recently finished the testing and development of a next generation AI auction marketplace called Baransu Standard. We developed Baransu with our global partners in Japan and with the use of their supercomputers. This ecommerce marketplace can be used in multiple industries and not for just retail ecommerce. Baransu is specifically designed to replace the existing first gen ecommerce marketplace platforms of today. We do this by providing an exponentially increasing value based marketplace. One for both customers and sellers alike to achieve cost of goods and services actualizations. Another words actually buying and selling products for what they are really worth. Today's more simple marketplaces run on a very strict, fixed cost, volume based dynamic pricing model. Limitations of these are such that both buyers and the sellers see limited growth. However, these limitations do not hold true for the marketplace owner. Contact us for a demonstration if interested.

About the owner: Kris Habl is former National championship finalist and Olympic trials participant in Swimming. He competed for the Badger Swim Club and the University of Florida in the 1990s. Kris gained a reputation both in and out of the pool for his intensity and drive to succeed. For over 20 yrs Kris has found success in the business world working for some of the most admired companies. Companies like EMC/DELL, Microsoft, NTT and Quest Diagnostics. Kris believes in over communicating, personal accountability, collaboration and being able to work with limited direction while staying on message.

Kris has a unique drive and desire to help everyone he knows achieve their goals. He hopes the passions he helps foster in his employees and partners will help them become successful both professionally and personally. In turn he hopes eswimelite customers will receive that same level of attention and can enjoy a quality of service, compared to competitors, that's without equal.

Kris on eswimelite.com ” In a world with a dizzying amount of choices and seemingly everyone wanting to sell you something, we decided to take a step back and NOT be those guys. We are looking to better leverage our technology and employees talents, with the goal of having them increase our customer engagements at every point in the sales cycle "